Accelerate your practice training face to face with me.  

Singapore Workshop

Jan 12 & 13



Cyprus Retreat

May 9 - 14




Weekly classes in Los Angeles area:

Saturday 10:45am   |   Sunday 12:30pm


Both classes - Yoga Works (Montana Ave.) 

Santa Monica, CA 



Teaching others how to sustain and ignite their  inner fire; floating peacefully, mindfully and energetically every second that you’re on or off the mat. 


Alignment tips, techniques and breath work are covered extensively during all classes, workshops and programs.  


Sean focuses one those key elements that are practiced and led in nearly every class but, are never quite broken down deeply to where the student actually grows and works powerfully, mindfully and efficiently progressing forward in them. 

If you are looking to feel better in your body - this is for you!


  • Perfect for all shapes & sizes

  • Short videos that have a huge impact

  • Tips, tricks & techniques that will take you to the next level. 

Sean Phelps has been a dedicated ashtanga and movement practitioner for over a decade. He has a strong foundation built under the tutelage of Chad Hamrin, Kino McGregor, Tim Feldman and Maria Villella.

Sean takes your attention to the present moment with conscious movement. By observing the breath and incessant 'self talk' that we ALL are subject to at many times of the day through a variety of transitions and postures. So, though he does practice and teach the movement and energetics of yoga, Sean is dedicated to helping others work through their mental blocks to live freely.  He believes we are all scientists; all we need to do is to learn HOW to pay attention and maintain the consciousness. Consistent awareness of the breath and the ability to still the fluctuations of the mind no matter what you are faced with on or off the mat. No reaction.  Just observance. Expect to be mentally and physically challenged as he covers flexibility, strength, and balance in each and every one of his classes. 


In Depth YOGA and movement workshops

Join Sean and accelerate your practice in workshops of advanced yoga & movement training all over the world.  Learn how to sustain and ignite your inner fire; floating peacefully, mindfully and energetically every second that you’re on the mat.  Alignment tips, techniques and breath work will be covered extensively during all classes.  Those key elements that are practiced and led in nearly every class but, are never quite broken down deeply to where the student actually grows and works powerfully, mindfully and efficiently progressing forward in them. 





Enhancing sex lives one haircut at a time

Sean specializes in many types of hair:


Overly, Abundant Curly Hair: 

Sean breaks down the masses, section by section, creating channels for the hair to find its own path.  This allows you to have the manageability of short hair, with the versatility of long hair.


The results: Minimal maintenance in or out of the shower, looking “perfect” without wasting hours of your time.


Bald or Thinning Hair:

Though he can not bring your hair back, he can make you feel as if it has been restored. 


For men, Sean takes the weight out of the sides, creating an even consistency- leaving you with the feeling and illusion of a fuller, thicker, sexier head of hair.


For women, Sean makes blunt cuts and creates heavy, straight lines- avoiding the “dreaded” frizzy, or feathery ends.


The results: the illusion of a heavier, weightier line, and a fuller, more voluminous head of hair. 


Most stylists use a foil technique, which causes more damage and poor outgrowth.  Sean utilizes the 'Balayage' technique, which involves taking horizontal sections and ‘painting’ on the color.  This technique is far less damaging and keeps your hair looking the way you want it for at least two to three times longer.  Sean is able to fine-tune the amount of brightness and match the perfect tone you are looking for in your hair.


The results: saves you a lot of time and money, leaving you with a natural-looking, healthy head of hair.


Sean believes in a well-balanced life.  He works hard and is extremely passionate about hair. In between clients, Sean loves to spend time enjoying yoga, meditation, surfing, climbing 'the stairs' and hanging out with family and friends. 

With Sean, you can expect a lot of energy, excitement and a ton of laughter with every visit!  Most importantly, you can count on his professional wisdom and sincere love and appreciation for his client’s well being.



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How many shorts have you seen that go way past your knees? How many times do you need your inner thighs to chafe before you've had enough? Well, Sean had enough. 


He searched endlessly around the globe for the perfect pair of shorts. Shorts that he could wear to yoga, in yoga, and after yoga. Shorts that he could relax in. Shorts that he can go to lunch with friends in - and be comfortable. Shorts for every day life, and every aspect of it. Stylish and functional. There was a gap in the market for this high quality dream.


So he took matters into his own hands. He created a pair of shorts, paying close attention to detail, from unique choices in fabric to the ever important zipper pocket. One has to make sure that nothing is going to fall out of their pockets, whether in a car or in a handstand. He made sure that comfort (in every area) was addressed by adding a soft and secure liner. 


Still it was important to him to create unique pieces, so you could rock something great, without seeing every other person in the same pair. This is why he runs small productions, with limited garments. This ensures that you will be able to keep your style original.


Each pair of these shorts is a reminder to feel free and comfortable in your own skin. Right here, Right now. We are free. 




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